User Experience

There is much more to a good website than it looking nice. Your website is there to make money for you, or generate goodwill towards your organisation. In the same way you wouldn’t expect your customers to struggle to buy anything over the counter of your shop, they shouldn’t be confronted with barriers when using the online part of the business. This sounds obvious right? Well, how many times have you used websites and thought that the path you were being forced down just wasn’t logical?

This is the art of User Experience, or UX for short. It’s understanding how to avoid making your users ‘think’. Too often UX is left to the developers to worry about, or worse still – not considered at all. If your site is an ecommerce one, then that is suicidal, as even tweaks as small as changing the colour or wording on key buttons can make a sizeable impact on conversions.

Adventia Consulting has had experience working on one of the biggest purchase paths in the world – Expedia, as well as others for the likes of Thomson Reuters, and countless other smaller operations. There is a psychology behind purchase patterns and how best these be applied, and these relate right down to the smallest of online shops. Ask us about how we can take your online shopping experience and make it more profitable for you.

But UX isn’t just all about making your customers buy from your site, it’s also about how best to make their experience on your website enjoyable, so they walk away with a positive, professional view of your business. We automatically apply these principles on every website we build. We’ll run through these with you when we’re putting together your site also, so you’re fully aware of the decisions we make to make your website ‘awesome’.